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Parliamentary Guidelines

Parliament meets regularly for 30 minutes each week following the attached procedures.

Two representatives from each class are invited to attend and contribute to parliamentary discussion. Matters of classroom concern may be raised at this time.

Parliamentary procedure allows for discussion and decision-making relevant to school operation and facilities.

Students are known as the Honourable Member for __________ (Surname).

Voting: After debate, voting is conducted using a simple method of choosing Aye or Nay. If the result is doubtful, votes are counted by the Sergeant at Arms.

Members may choose to abstain from voting if they wish to do so. The Secretary will record numbers of voters and abstainers where appropriate.

Endorsing: At appropriate moments, students are able to endorse a comment by saying "Here, Here"

If any speaker is genuinely unable to be heard, Members may interject "Inaudible."

The Secretary, with assistance of committee members, selects important items of general interest from the minutes and organises these for a Newsletter item and a report at the Weekly Assembly.