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Student Parliament

The Student Parliament was established in 2007.


The Chittaway Bay P.S. Student Parliament has been established as a means of empowering students through active involvement in a fully functioning democratic model.


  • Members of Parliament will exhibit strong leadership skills.
  • All Ministers of Parliament will provide an exemplary role model for all students ( e.g. behaviour, uniform).
  • Students will experience the democratic process first hand.
  • Students will have an awareness of the structure of Government and the role Parliament plays within that Government.
  • Students will have an awareness of the parliamentary procedure.
  • Parliamentary decisions will be seen to have an influence on school policy and activities.
  • All members of Parliament will realise that through the democratic process each person has the right to free expression of ideas, together with responsibility for the well being of all.

The Student Parliament is elected each year by the students. The Parliamentarians, including School Captains and Vice Captains, represent students at official functions and lead assemblies. Motions put forward by the Parliament are discussed with the Principal and staff.