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Growing and Learning

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Before and After School Care

Chittaway Bay OSHClub

Chittaway Bay OSHClub provides before and after school care on our school site.

 Hours of operation:

            Morning: 6:30am - 8:30am

            Afternoon: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

OSHClub take students on a regular, casual and emergency care basis. The programs provide a range of activities for all ages including arts and crafts, games, sports, drama, board games, dress ups, cooking activities and fun social time with friends. On request from parents children can also participate in Homework Club. The service provides breakfast at Before School Care and afternoon tea at After School Care.

Our morning programs are called ‘Rise then Shine’

‘Creating the best start to the school day’

Fuelling children’s curious minds and growing bodies to set children up for their best day ahead.

Our afternoon programs are called ‘Stay and Play’

‘Where friendships are made’

Creating meaningful connections and friendships by providing children with a place to stay and have fun after school.

Our fun and enriching morning and afternoon programs are all about:

Making new friends

When a little human meets another little human, new bonds are formed that make their transition to big school so much easier - it’s all about familiar faces and a sense of belonging.

Building lifelong skills

New experiences and shared challenges build confidence and resilience - fundamental to how little humans look at the world, socialise and learn.

Caring Educators

Having caring and nurturing grownups around you means all the difference - our educators make sure our little humans are encouraged to flourish and have fun, every step of the way.

Having fun

We know fun plays a huge factor in positive learning and development. Our programs are designed with the child’s needs and voice at the forefront.

Turning a big step into a little one

Starting school with familiar faces, comfortable environments and positive anticipation helps make that big step a much smaller one!”

Telephone: 0427 530 245

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