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Expectations of all Parliament members

All members of Chittaway Bay Public School Student Parliament are expected to set a good example to fellow students by wearing full school uniform (including correct school shoes and school hat) at all times. They are also expected to maintain a high standard of conduct, attitude and citizenship. This should be demonstrated in their daily relationships and interaction with students and staff alike. In this way they will assist in the development of a school community where individuals feel secure, happy and free to strive towards their personal best in aspects of school life.

Additionally, all Ministers of Chittaway Bay Student Parliament are expected to display, consistently, positive leadership skills. These qualities include:

· Responsibility

· Reliability

· Consideration

· Courtesy

· Use of Initiative

· Loyalty

· Willingness to be involved in all school activities.

· Willingness to donate their own time (e.g. lunch hour) to carry out their duties or assist others.

Should a Minister's standard of attitude and behaviour fall below a satisfactory level, the Minister's position will be reviewed. A formal warning will be given. Should inappropriate attitude or behaviour continue or occur again, the Minister will be dismissed from the Parliament. Any Minister who is suspended from school will automatically be dismissed from the Parliament.

Each Minister will form a committee to help in fulfilling his/her duties.

Each Minister will undertake tasks related to their area of responsibility as the need arises.

Each Minister will report to Parliament at each session i.e. state what their duty was and the outcome where relevant or state that they had only routine duties that week or no task that week.

All Parliamentary decisions/recommendations affecting school operation must have the approval of the Principal before they are implemented. It is the responsibility of the Prime Ministers together with the Minister involved to meet with staff to seek their approval and cooperation before making an appointment to obtain the principal's approval. Generally, the meeting with staff will occur during Tuesday morning's staff meeting.

If the teachers support the Parliament's recommendation, the PMs and the relevant Minister/s will make an appointment to speak with the Principal. The appointment with the principal is not to be made during lesson times.

At times it will be appropriate for Ministers to meet with other staff members to obtain their assistance in implementing a recommendation. (Not during lesson times)